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DSA Study Group

Religions & Development Study Group at the Development Studies Association

The Religions & Development study group has been established to provide a platform for knowledge sharing on current issues relating to religions and development, and identify and facilitate opportunities for collaborative research.

We are made up of a network of leading academics and specialists from faith-based organisations (FBOs) seeking to articulate approaches to religions and development that combine the knowledge and experience of both academics and practitioners.

In doing so, we hope to better understand the particular role played by religion and FBOs in development, and the associated modes of operation, particularly through engagement with those that have lived experiences.

The study group is co-convened by Professor Emma Tomalin, University of Leeds and Shabaana Kidy, Islamic Relief Academy and includes a number of academics and practitioner groups within its advisory structure.

For more information about the study group, or to join the mailing list, please e-mail the study group co-conveners.