NameAreas of expertise
Dr Paul D’Souza
Dr Paul D’SouzaUrbanization, Marginalization and development, Conflict and Vulnerabilities in Kashmir
Dr Séverine Deneulin
Dr Séverine DeneulinCatholic Social Teaching; human development and capability approach; development ethics; Latin America
Jean Duff
Dr Dereje Feyissa
Dr Dereje FeyissaIslam in contemporary Ethiopia; religious worldviews and development; religious values and gender equality
Dr Dena FreemanPentecostalism in Africa, esp. Ethiopia; Traditional Ethiopian cultures; Anthropology of development; Religion and development; Evangelical development organisations; alternative conceptualisations of ‘development’.
Dr Afework Hailu Beyene
Dr Afework Hailu BeyeneReligions in Ethiopia; Religious relations (Christian-Jewish, Christian-Muslim) relations in Ethiopia; Church history, esp. Ethiopian; Ethiopic studies; Theology and Environment; Religion and Development
Dr Jörg Haustein
Dr Jörg HausteinReligions in Africa; Pentecostalism; Islam; history of Religions and Development; mission history
Professor Surinder S. Jodhka
Professor Surinder S. JodhkaSocial inequalities; caste in contemporary India; political sociology of community identities
Shabaana Kidy
Shabaana KidyFaith and development; sustainable development; food security; livelihoods; tax and economic justice
Dr Heewon Kim
Dr Heewon Kimreligion and development, communal violence, post-conflict reconstruction, India, equal opportunity policy
Katherine Marshall
Professor Carole Rakodi
Dr Jo Sadgrove
Dr Jo SadgroveReligions in Africa (esp Uganda, South Africa), contemporary Global Anglicanism, Faith based development worldwide, religions and health (UK, Africa), Christianity and Sexuality (UK, Africa, US)
Beth Saunders
Beth SaundersFaith Based Organisations; Christian Volunteering; Rural Africa; Social Justice; Environmental Justice; International Development; Globalisation
Professor Gurharpal Singh
Dr Justin Thacker
Dr Justin Thackerpoverty; Christianity; Africa; theology
Professor Emma Tomalin
Professor Emma Tomalinreligion, development, gender, health, buildings, anti-trafficking, faith-based organisations