Aims & Objectives

The network’s aims are oriented towards the interpretation and implementation of the UN SDGs:

  1. To create significant, lasting connections between the involved countries regarding research endeavours and experience on the intersections between religions and development.
  2. To forge bi-lateral pathways in development research and practice between secular and faith-based actors.
  3. To further inter-disciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration in religions and development research by creating arenas for knowledge exchange and methodological debates.

These aims will be pursued via the following objectives:

  1. To connect and promote the study the role of religion in development policy and practice in the three countries and beyond, via the network conferences, website, and joint publications.
  2. To invite and integrate the contribution of faith-based actors in the activities and management of the research network, especially as it pertains to setting development policy, and the translation of the SDGs
    into vernacular practice.
  3. To deliberately programme all activities such that they promote the discussion of innovative methodologies and comparative analyses, while highlighting the contribution of the Arts & Humanities, especially the study of religions, to the implementation of the SDGs.